Giorgio Conte

During his childhood, Giorgio manages to combine the Law studies with the passion for Jazz, popular music and French songs (chanson française) passed on to him by his parents. A passion shared with his brother Paolo that led them to an artistic association that began with the first musical groups that witnessed Giorgio behind the drums and Paolo at the vibraphone till the contact with the Celentano clan and the duet composition of the famous pieces “Una giornata al mare” and “La topolino amaranto”.

Later on, their roads split and Giorgio continued to sign successful tunes performed by Rosanna Fratello “Non sono Maddalena”, Fausto Leali and Wilson Pickett “Deborah”, as well as by Mina, Milva, Ornella Vanoni, Francesco Baccini, Rossana Casale, Elio (Storie Tese). At the same time as to his lawyer’s study, he dedicated his time to theatre and takes part in several radio-shows (“Quelli che la radio…” on RadioDue-RAI). Then, in 1993 the crucial moment knocks at his door: after having participated in the Tenco awards he decides to abandon the law practice and to devote himself to concerts. His success takes off abroad during his tours through Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Canada with a moving response from the audience and the music critic. In some of these countries he releases two albums followed in 1997 by the CD “La vita fosse” that allows him to go on tour again across Europe and Canada where he collects even more successes. Polygram Italy releases his disc “Concerto”, recorded live in a medieval castle in the Swiss town of Yverdon-les-Bains, and in 1999, with “Eccomi qua” he starts his Italian tours. The album “L’ambasciatore dei sogni” is published in 2011 and “Il contestorie” sees the light in 2003. The latter is released at the same time than a collection of short stories that were forgotten in a drawer for several years.

In 2007, in Costa Smeralda, Giorgio is awarded the literary prize “L’intruso” for the anthology of stories “Sfogliar verze”, edited by Excelsior 1881. With his very personal performance of Luigi Tenco’s “La mia valle”, he participates in the double album “Luigi Tenco, inediti” published by Ala Bianca in January 2010.

In 2011 he is invited to contribute as a guest in different shows such as “Radio2 Social Club” (RAI 2) hosted by L. Barbarossa, the Radio RAI 3 show “Dr. Djembè” hosted by Stefano Bollani and David Riondino, “Start” (RAI 1), “Isoradio” (RAI) and “La guardiana del faro” presented by Barbara Alberti, in Radio24, and in Switzerland as the lead guest of “Moby Dick” (RSI-Rete2).

2011 reveals itself a very productive year: on 18 October the record company Ala Bianca (produced by Toni Verona and distributed by Warner) releases the album “C.Q.F.P.” (Come Quando Fuori Piove), acronym normally used to recall the suits of the cards (Cuori/Hearts Quadri/Diamonds Fiori/Clubs Picche/Spades). A further demostration of words being for him not only a songwriter’s “tools of trade” but also, if not mostly, the “instruments” of his inspired playfullness and shrewd lightness that made the press define him as “a comic that gets to the heart and an intelectual that winks at ordinary people.” It is an artist, a great storyteller and interpret, capable of fully involving the audience in his shows.

His continuous live activity, on stages in Italy and abroad, took him in 2011 to Barcelona as the sole Italian artist acting as a guest during the institutional national day celebration of La Diada Nacional de Catalunya (broadcasted live on television), in 2012 to the Barcelona Festival Barnasants and in 2015 to the Zurich Hallenstadion (Switzerland) as Pippo Pollina‘s guest.

In 2012 his non-stop artistic activity continues in Italy and in other European countries. He has already been the guest in radio shows such as “Effetto Notte” (RAI 2) and “Compagni di viaggio” (Radio24) and the protagonist of wide-ranging press reviews. As a result of the “C.Q.F.P.” tour, on 30 March he was one of the protagonists of the prestigious Festival BARNASANTS of Barcelona (together with other great Italian artists such as Gino Paoli et Francesco De Gregori).

Eclectic artist, Giorgio continues his activity as a writer with his new book of stories “Un trattore arancio” published in November 2011 by Cairo Editore.

With “C.Q.F.P.” he delighted the audience everywhere with his innate irony, grace and ability to surprise, move and entertain. As always, his songs confronted the audience with everyday life issues that may be familiar to many of us.

Today, with the same motto, “… e continuo la mia via al gusto di tutto…” (… and I continue my life with a taste of everything…) summarizing his way of thinking and living, Giorgio has released, on 7th October 2014, his very new album, “Giorgio Conte 2014 cascina Piovanotto”, produced by Toni Verona (Ala Bianca) and distributed by Warner. A real piece of art, 12 tracks entirely registered and mixed at his own house (cascina Piovanotto).

During 2014, 2015 Giorgio Conte toured in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Giorgio and his song “Géo” (C.Q.F.P.) play the main part in Fredo Valla‘s documentary film Più in alto delle nuvole (Higher than clouds) on Géo Chávez (first aviator to cross the Alps). The film, released in Italy and France in February 2016, was invited to the 2015 Bansko Mountain Film Fest (Bucarest) and to the 2016 Trieste Film Festival.

His “Cascina Piovanotto” tour continues without break in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.